Nissan wins Okayama SUPER GT with championship-winning duo

OKAYAMA, Japan – They have won back-to-back Super GT championships, and now Tsugio Matsuda and Ronnie Quintarelli have triumphed in the opening round of the 2016 championship at the Okayama International Circuit.
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NISMO PRE-SEASON: Nissan-powered FIA WEC and ELMS teams kick off 2016

LE CASTELLET, France and MIMASAKA, Japan – Nissan's domination of the LM P2 class continued as the FIA World Endurance Championship and the European Le Mans Series kicked off their 2016 seasons with pre-season testing at Circuit Paul Ricard last week.
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Nissan Global Director of Excitement Usain Bolt goes behind the scenes at the NYIAS

NEW YORK – Nissan's Global Director of Excitement Usain Bolt was on hand for the opening ceremonies for the New York International Auto Show, which featured the world debut of the 2017 Nissan GT-R. In this special video, Bolt takes you on a tour. Olympic gold medalist Usain Bolt, known as "the world's fastest man," has been promoting Nissan's brand awareness in association with the Nissan Global Brand Campaign, which kicked off in April 2012 and has been running in markets around the world ever since.
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Winter is Coming! Be Prepared this Winter with a 4WD or AWD Nissan!

Winter is nipping at our heels and some of you may be taking trips to local ski resorts or cross country to visit family! Wherever your adventure leads you be prepared with a all-wheel drive or four-wheel drive Nissan! Cars with all-wheel drive tend to handle better on icy, wet or snowy roads, which we see a lot of during the winter. Both drivetrain options offer control over all four wheels. In fact, all-wheel drive actually just provides better handling in general, which is why we tend to see it on sports cars as well. Luck for you Mossy Nissan has just what you need!
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Fun Fact Friday: How much horsepower does the 2015 Nissan GT-R come stock with?

Answer: 545 horsepower!

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Top 10 Fastest Nissan GT-Rs in the World


Get in the seat of a Nissan GT-R on a 360 degree lap at LeMans! #LeMans #GTR



Chief engineer Zack Eakin stops by with Nissan’s daring new front-engined LM P1 car. Watch Jann Mardenborough, Nissan GT Academy’s Season 3 winner, take it around the track, just like he’s gonna do at LeMans! See the rest of the show below!
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Nissan GT-Rs Race Down An Airstrip

I believe they CAN FLY!! Nissan GT-Rs take racing to the airstrip for some ultimate display of horsepower in action. See these sports cars fly!The four top qualifying cars from the 2014 S3ctor Pikes Peak Airstrip , all happen to be Nissan GT-Rs, with over 6,000 horse power between them! Meet the drivers, hear the behemoth horsepower and quench your NEED FOR SPEED!
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NISMO Claims Super GT-R Title at Motegi

Nov. 16 – Motegi, Tochigi Prefecture - The No. 23 MOTUL AUTECH GT-R driven by Tsugio Matsuda and Ronnie Quintarelli scored its second win of the season and secured NISMO the Drivers Championship title on Sunday, in the last round of the SUPER GT series.
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Watch Adam Levine and the 545 horsepower Nissan GT-R on The Voice TONIGHT!

Nissan North America, Inc. announced its new partnership with Adam Levine, lead singer of Maroon 5 and coach on NBC's Emmy Award winning "The Voice," today. The partnership marks an expansion of the automaker's existing multi-season sponsorship of "The Voice." New program elements include a series of on-air vignettes featuring Adam Levine and several season seven contestants in video segments.
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What happens when you attach a GoPro to a GT-R wheel?

So, we wondered what it would look like if we attached a GoPro to a GT-R wheel and drove alongside another GT-R. The results are, well, interesting – and a bit trippy. Warning: May cause some form of hypnosis or irrationally strong GT-R love.


Credit: http://nissannews.com/en-US/nissan/usa/releases/what-happens-when-you-attach-a-gopro-to-a-gt-r-wheel-warning-not-for-epileptics

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SkullCandy Team Nissan Featuring GT Academy Winners

SkullCandy Team Nissan Featuring GT Academy Winners


Sometimes the world looks even better in black and white. Check out these great shots of Skullcandy Team Nissan, featuring GT Academy winners Bryan Heitkotter and Steve Doherty.


Photo credit: @AlexanderFrato




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Wall Street’s Cheat Sheet of Nissan’s 15 Fastest Cars

From the fierce 300ZX to the blisteringly quick GT-R NISMO, Wall St. Cheat Sheet compiled this list of Nissan’s 15 Fastest Cars.



Here’s #1


1. GT-R Nismo

The GT-R Nismo is the top of the line when it comes to Nissan performance vehicles. The company took its fastest car and suped it up a bit, coming out with a blisteringly fast monster of a car. While no official performance statistics are available from Nissan, Top Gear reports that the GT-R Nismo can accelerate from 0-60 in just 2.7 seconds (though that could prove conservative, even). That’s among the fastest in the world. The Nismo sees a boost in horsepower over the standard GT-R from 542 to 591, and torque has been ratcheted up from 465 to 481 pound-feet, all from the 3.8-liter V6 engine. This is the fastest vehicle Nissan has ever put on the road, and it looks like it’ll stay that way for the foreseeable future.

The Nissan GT-R is available at all 7 Mossy Nissan locations in San Diego. Find your fastest Nissan car today!


Check out the rest of the list here now!


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Nissan Juke World Tour

Nissan Juke Crossover World Tour


Nissan toured the world with its Juke R – a Nissan Europe project to cram a GT-R engine under the bonnet of a Juke. Today, though, we’re touring the Midlands in something altogether more extreme. This is the Severn Valley Motorsport Qashqai R and it would leave the works effort trailing in its wake.

Tuning specialist Severn Valley Motorsport was responsible, briefly, for the world’s fastest GT-R, the 1,250bhp Hulk, last year. Having seen the splash the Juke R made and seeing the potential to promote his own blooming GT-R tuning business, SVM boss Kevan Kemp walked into a Nissan showroom armed with a tape measure and the Qashqai R was born.

Under the hood lies SVM’s most aggressive tuning package for the GT-R’s twin-turbo V6. With capacity upped to 4.1-litres, it’s capable of running on Ethanol and delivering up to 1150bhp, or around 950bhp on Super Unleaded. We plant the throttle expecting fireworks, what we get is Veyron-baiting performance and the sinister roar of a twin-turbocharged V6 that fills cabin as all four wheels scrabble hopelessly for grip through the first three gears. Drive the Qashqai R in a higher gear, with gentler throttle inputs and the only clue to that tidal wave of performance is a slight lumpiness to the engine. Drive it hard though, this is a monster.



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Nissan GT-R vs Jaguar F-Type

Nissan GT-R vs Jaguar F-Type

It would seem that the Jaguar F-Type Coupe R is the performance king of the jungle. First, Motor Trend challenged it against a Porsche 911 on video to see how it fared. Now, Autocar in the UK is pitting the Jag against the latest iteration of the Nissan GT-R around a small course in a time trial battle. Who do you think will come out on top?
On paper, the F-Type Coupe is the clear winner. however, they both share the same 542 horsepower. But the Jaguar has more torque, less weight and an eight-speed gearbox, compared to the six-speed in the GT-R. That seems like an automatic recipe for victory. However, the Nissan claims a faster sprint to 62 miles per hour and all-wheel drive. 
So which would you rather drive? The Nissan GT-R is only a fraction of the price as a Jag and just as impressive on the track!
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Nissan Returns Down Under with GT-R Godzilla

Nissan Returns Down Under with GT-R Godzilla

  • Nissan GT-R NISMO GT3 unveiled in pit lane at Mount Panorama ahead of this weekend's 2014 Bathurst 12 Hour race

  • Australian driver Rick Kelly shows Alex Buncombe, Wolfgang Reip and Katsumasa Chiyo around the spectacular Bathurst circuit

BATHURST, Australia - The NISMO Athlete Global Team has arrived at Mount Panorama - and in doing so, has officially brought "Godzilla" back to Bathurst.

The last time a factory-entered Nissan GT-R raced at Bathurst was in 1992, when Jim Richards and Mark Skaife earned their second-consecutive Bathurst 1000 victory for Nissan.

This weekend at the 2014 Bathurst 12 Hour, Nissan will aim to repeat that success with a line-up of four drivers from across the globe.

The team's Nissan GT-R NISMO GT3, as well as drivers Rick Kelly (Australia), Alex Buncombe (England), Wolfgang Reip (Belgium) and Katsumasa Chiyo (Japan), were unveiled in pit lane at the Mount Panorama circuit today.

Kelly, a two-time Bathurst 1000 winner, comes into his first-ever 12 Hour event fresh from a GT-R NISMO GT3 test at the Sepang International Circuit in Malaysia last month. With the valuable testing miles under his belt, coupled with his immense Bathurst experience, Kelly is looking forward to his GT sportscar debut.

International drivers Buncombe, Reip and Chiyo are more familiar with the Nissan GT-R NISMO GT3 but are each making their Bathurst debut. The trio are already in awe of the 6.213km circuit after walking Mount Panorama with Kelly upon arrival. Along with Kelly, they are excited at the thought of driving the GT-R around the mountain in the first practice tomorrow (Friday) morning.

The Bathurst 12 Hour is Australia's premier GT sports car endurance race, with the Nissan GT-R NISMO GT3 set to compete against 18 other GT3-specification cars in the outright class. Over 40 cars will race in the 'once around the clock' event beginning Sunday morning.

Rick Kelly (Australia), NISMO Athlete Global Team, #32 Nissan GT-R NISMO GT3 Comments on event: "Even just standing here in pit lane the car looks incredible," said Rick Kelly.

"I had my first drive of it at Sepang a little over a week ago and it's quite an incredible car.

"For me it's an iconic weekend. It's the first time a GT-R in this sort of form has been here in 22 years since Jim Richards (and Mark Skaife) won the Bathurst 1000 in the GT-R in that famous race back in 1992.

"I am treating this race as seriously as I possibly can. I am putting my head down and backside up to try and get a result because it's obviously very different racing to what I'm used to (in V8 Supercars).

"The NISMO factory operation is really impressive. For me it has been a real eye opener to see how they go about their motorsport and you can see that in how well the car is presented. It's really impressive and for me this is a really big learning experience as well.

"I'm not quite sure exactly what to expect. I don't know the competition that well but there are a lot of really quick cars up and down pit lane and the GT-R is no exception to that. If we do a really good job on the weekend and stay out of trouble then we should be in for a really good shot to bring the GT-R home on top.

"I think the Nissan team has got a really good balance of drivers who have got a lot of experience in the GT-R NISMO GT3 and then myself having a lot of experience of this track. So we can really help each other out throughout the weekend and with the collective car and track knowledge that we have got, hopefully we can turn that into a really good result."

CREDIT: http://nissannews.com/en-US/nissan/usa/releases/nismo-athlete-global-team-arrive-at-bathurst-bringing-godzilla-back-to-mount-panorama

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Best of Nissan GTR

Best of Nissan GT-R


Nissan introduced the 2015 GT-R and GT-R NISMO, the latest iterations of the legendary sports car, in November last year.
From 1969 till now, the GT-R has been the flagship of the company's performance – always innovating, always thrilling. Here are some of the videos that we've enjoyed, and would like to share once again with you, in the new year.
Nissan GT-R Heritage

GT-R NISMO Conquers Sodegaura
Watch the GT-R NISMO being put through its paces at the Sodegaura Forest Raceway in Chiba, Japan.

GT-R: A Monster on Russian Ice
Russian race driver Roman Rusinov and auto journalist Andrey Leontjev pushed the Nissan GT-R 2012 model year across a frozen Lake Baikal, setting a new national speed ice driving record of 294.8 kph (183 mph).

Nissan GT-R Takes on Fighter Jet
Watch the Nissan GT-R take on an Oris Swiss Hunter Fighter Jet with 22,000 HP in a land-sky speed challenge on the Swiss Alps.

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Nissan GT-R Egoist Unveiled!

Nissan GT-R Egoist Unveiled!


If the Nissan GT-R doesn't boost your vehicular ego enough as it is, the next iteration seems to be designed to do just that. Buzzing the internet for the last few days, real information has come out from Nissan Japan concerning their Spec-M and the Nissan GT-R's future. We've seen the visual touches that are occurring. The new, LED-adorned front fascia is a thing of eye-catching beauty, while the new carbon fiber rear diffuser is a more subtle stylistic touch. The wheels, 20" works of art they are, are being redesigned to eschew themselves from the subtle side of visual flair back to the radical and aggressive. And, above all else, the car which was already a performance power-house is getting a bit of a boost. A very good bit of a boost. The vehicle will definitely cross the 500HP thresh hold, but by how much is a question. Some people with "source information" are claiming as much as 545, although 530 seems to be the safest bet at this point. That's right: 530 HP is a safe bet. So, you take the most impressive automotive machine in production right now (at least, the most impressive with a price tag under a quarter million), give it some more get-up-n-go, and adorn it with lighter weight, truly beautiful, exterior modifications and what do you have? You have the Egoist.
Yeah, you read that right: the Egoist. This car is meant to not only strike fear in the hearts of others but to also make you puff out your chest with pride and add a little more swagger to your step. Of course, the GT-R already does that, but with 530HP now, it will undoubtedly do so even more. Especially considering that the current GT-R boasts 485 power, so this is no small jump. 485 to 530 is a big difference, and will definitely shave large chunks of time off of the GT-Rs already unbelievably impressive performance numbers. Wow. This is exciting, and I can't wait for the official announcements and numbers.
CREDIT: http://www.gtrinformation.com/tag/nissan-news/
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The 2013 Mossy Nissan GTR: Mind Bending Performance for San Diego Nissan Enthusiasts


            Years before it was available for sale in America, Southern California driving enthusiasts envied the Nissan GT-R for its finely tuned handling and stratospheric speed. The upgrades and improvements integrated into the new 2013 model GT-R are sure to keep Nissan's flagship performance car at the top of everyone's dream vehicle list.

            For 2013, the Nissan GT-R got a serious power boost to its already powerful V-6 engine. Generating a whopping 545 horsepower and 463 lb-ft of torque, the newest GT-R reaches 60 mph in 2.7 seconds. Yes, zero to sixty in less than 3 seconds-and that's 0.4 seconds faster than the 2012 model GT-R! So how does the new 2013's twin turbo V-6 stack up against the competition? It delivers 15 more horsepower than the Porsche 911 Turbo, 40 more horses than Corvette Z06, and 90 more than the V8 equipped Audi R8!

            According to Motor Trend, "If delivering ultimate thrills, mind-bending performance and handling is what the GT-R is all about, then the 2013 GT-R accomplishes its mission even better than before."  For 2013, Nissan has equipped the GTR with improved and revised suspension with higher spring rates, which in turn provide better shock and spring balance for the ride. Speaking of shocks, Nissan also added a new bypass valve, which improves the GT-R's great daily ride and handling. The GT-R's new makeover has car enthusiasts chomping at the bit for a test drive, and luckily Mossy Nissan, the number one San Diego Nissan dealer, currently has the 2013 San Diego Nissan GT-R available right now! View inventory here

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