Mossy Nissan’s Top Weird and Wonderful Road Trip Destinations!

Need to do something outside-of-the-box in SoCal this weekend? Here’s a list of some strange but fun and unique places to take your Nissan out for a drive this weekend:
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Top 10 Ways to Make Your Car Smell Better!

Has your car lost that “new car smell”? Here are our top 10 DIY tips to make your car smell a little fresher!
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Are You Getting the Best Gas Mileage Possible?

A little thought toward basic auto care can lead to more miles per gallon and, in turn, more savings for you! Be car care aware and perform these five simple steps to improve fuel economy and save money.
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Be Carpool, Back to School Ready

It’s back to school time for many families in San Diego. And now is a good time to give your car a good check to be sure you and your kids are safe and sound. “Back-to-school time is hectic for most families, but scheduling a complete vehicle inspection is time well spent,” said Rich White, executive director, Car Care Council. “Knowing your vehicle was checked by a professional technician will give you peace of mind and make all those trips to school and activities safer and less stressful.”
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SUMMER HEAT AND YOUR BATTERY: Tips and Tricks to Keep You Running Strong!

Summer in San Diego can mean hot weather and sun exposure and it is likely taking its toll on your car battery. Contrary to popular belief, summer highs rather than winter lows pose the greater threat to battery life, according to the non-profit Car Care Council.
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Are Your Brakes Safe? This is a Must Read!

When it comes to vehicle safety, the brake system is at the top of the list. Brake Safety Awareness Month in August is the perfect time to have your brakes inspected to make sure they are in safe working condition before school starts and cold weather hits, says the Car Care Council.
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Nissan Intuitive All-Wheel Drive

The Nissan Rogue can tell if you are cruising, or cornering. It can sense a loss of traction under a specific wheel or wheels and redirect torque automatically. For even more confidence behind the wheel.
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How to Change a Flat Tire

A flat tire can happen anywhere at any time. You might prefer to leave this job up to the professionals, however there may be a time you will need to do it yourself. We’ve put together a tutorial on what to do in case you get a flat tire.
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Conserve Water with Mossy!

Join Mossy in conserving water with the Eco Bucket Challenge! Water Saving Tip #1: Collect water in shower and let water run into bucket until temperature becomes suitable for showering. GET MORE WATER SAVING TIPS!
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Car Care Tips: How to Protect from the Summer Heat

Summer may be a time for cookouts, pool parties, and trips to the beach but while the family is looking forward to the hot weather - your car most likely dreads it. We often think winter is the real enemy of cars with the season's freezing temperatures, snow, ice, and of course, the heavy use of salt and sand in colder regions to keep slippery roads in check. But the warmer season also take its toll as both your car paint and mechanicals bake under the glaring sun and heat. Your car's interior, much like a greenhouse, also roasts. On a 90 degree day, your car's interior can reach in excess of 140 degrees in an hour's time.
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Summer Car Kit: Get your vehicle ready for summer activities

Everyone is always on the go a lot during the summer months, whether it's a road trip, or just around town. Trips to the beach, parks, BBQ's, or across country with your family and friends are fun, but sometimes items may be forgotten at home. That's why it's always a good idea to keep a car kit stocked in the car just in case you need something.
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DIY Car Care Kit

Putting together a car care kit is simple and is a great gift idea! Plus, keeping your car clean is good auto maintenance. We compiled a simple guide to put together a complete DIY car care kit.
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Car Seat Installation Tips for New Parents

When installing a Child Restraint System (CRS), always follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer and your Nissan vehicle’s owner’s manual. You may also find the following tips helpful for installing your CRS:
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Nissan Warns Against Texting And Driving With Bruised Alphabet Letters

Nissan has unveiled striking print ads that highlight the dangers of texting and driving.Featuring evidence bags containing charred, bruised and bloody alphabet letters, they are accompanied by copy that states, “It only takes one letter. Don’t text and drive.”Similar to this Kia spot, the Nissan ads were created by Y&R Puerto Rico.
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Are you prepared for an emergency? Mossy Nissan Helps you pack!

For commuting or traveling any great distance by car, packing an emergency kit may make the difference between getting back on the road soon, or being stuck where you are for some time.Such protection is something that every vehicle should have (along with a well-equipped first-aid kit). Yet most people carry only a few of the basic items they need to help them get back on the road quickly and safely if the run into a problem.
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Car Hack: Getting Rid Of Pesky Rats In Your Engine

Trouble with parking outdoors? Often when parking outside, the warmth of your engine can attract unwanted pests. rodents and even large raccoons are notorious for chewing on wiring and nesting in air filters. These small avoidable pest can rack up mechanic bills of over thousands!!! Here are some cost effective hacks to protect your vehicle and wallet.
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The Nissan Ultimate Smart BBQ Vehicle goes far beyond expectations

Enter the Nissan Ultimate Smart BBQ Vehicle, a whimsical "concept vehicle" created for the Green Funding Lab project in Japan. Right now, interest in BBQ in Japan is quickly expanding. However, the need to start a fire and clean up afterwards detracts from the experience. Having an electric car provide the source of the power for a BBQ while emitting zero emissions, was the source of inspiration for the Ultimate Smart BBQ Vehicle.
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Car Hacks: Recycle a Coffee Cup into a Tissue Holder

Starting off your day with a good cup of coffee? How about turning that cup into something useful in your car?
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6 Car Maintenance Items everyone should know how to do.

Check your oil! You need to know how to check your oil for engine safety and keep a schedule of your service appointments. Read your owners manual to see how frequently your vehicle requires an oil change to ensure longevity.
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