Nissan JUKE Set World-First ‘Blind’ J-turn Record Using Onboard Cameras!

The record-breaking Nissan JUKE has done it again. This time the popular compact crossover has established the world's first 'blind' J-turn record with the driver using only the car's Intelligent Around View Monitor (AVM) on-board camera technology for guidance.
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Glow-in-the-dark Nissan JUKE, the ultimate street art canvas

MELBOURNE, Australia – The Nissan JUKE provided a challenging glowing canvas for two emerging street graffiti artists who battled it out head-to-head on the streets of Melbourne, Australia.
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Nissan dominates the competition and leads the way with their record setting vehicles!

Nissan is a brand on the move. And on a roll. The past two years have seen the back-to-back introductions of the segment-busting 2014 Rogue and 2015 Murano, which helped drive Nissan to record 2014 calendar year sales of 1,269,565 (+12.2%) in the United States.
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AutoTrader Names Nissan Juke One of the Top Cars for Dog Lovers!

When it comes to cars for dog owners, there's no question that some vehicles are simply better than others. Whether you're setting out on a long road trip or running out for a quick in-town errand, you want to be able to transport your furry friend as safely, conveniently and comfortably as possible.
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Nissan Juke Sets A Skiing Speed Record

Yes, it's called "skiing" - taking a four-wheel vehicle up on two wheels while in motion. Skiing has been a mainstay of car stunts since the time of Henry Ford, and even in our digital age there's still something oddly thrilling about keeping a ton of rolling metal balanced like a drunk figure skater.
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The Nissan JUKE-R gets an exciting upgrade: Introducing the JUKE-R 2.0

WEST SUSSEX, England - The birth of the Nissan JUKE-R set a benchmark in 2011 as the world's first Crossover supercar, marrying Nissan's innovative JUKE with the engine and running gear from the legendary Nissan GT-R - the brand's flagship sportscar. Now, four years on, JUKE-R has been given an exciting upgrade to reflect the latest model of the JUKE coupled with even more power and bolder styling. Welcome the JUKE-R 2.0.
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Nissan JUKE-R is back – and now with added NISMO

ROLLE, Switzerland - Nissan is set to unleash its latest evolution: the JUKE-R NISMO. Using the latest technology, styling and running gear from NISMO products, the supercar-beating crossover will be unveiled and unleashed at Goodwood Festival of Speed in the UK on June 25.
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Kelley Blue Book named the Nissan JUKE NISMO RS on of the 10 most fun SUVs of 2014

Kelley Blue Book named the Nissan JUKE NISMO RS on of the 10 most fun SUVs of 2014


"Nissan's quirky, unique Juke has been cranked up a notch for the Nismo RS. More focused on performance than any other Juke, it could easily take some conventional performance cars by surprise. Its 215 horsepower are the most you can get in a Juke, and the Nismo RS comes with cool track-friendly features like a limited-slip differential, racing seats and paddle shifters."

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The 2014 Nissan JUKE is available at all 7 Mossy Nissan locations in San Diego.
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SNEAK PEEK: New Nissan Juke!

SNEAK PEEK: New Nissan Juke!


GENEVA, Switzerland - Nissan's domination of the crossover market will move up a gear at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show when the New JUKE will be revealed for the first time.

Today Nissan reveals the first teaser image of the latest version of its premium B-segment crossover, a car that has triggered one of the most talked-about trends for a generation.

Promising even more striking design, improved efficiency and enhanced refinement, the new JUKE will be one of the stars of the forthcoming Geneva Motor Show when it is revealed for the first time on March 4, 2014.

Building up to the unveil moment, Nissan fans will be able to interact with Nissan on social media to "earn" an ever clearer glimpse of the exciting new crossover. Starting today, an obscured image of the New JUKE will be shown on a variety of social channels where over the coming days and weeks the image will become clearer to define some of the Nissan's new design cues.

Visit the following links for more information:

  • Instagram: http://instagram.com/nissaneurope
  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/NissanEurope
  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NissanJUKEOfficial
  • https://www.facebook.com/Nissan

Credit: http://nissannews.com/en-US/nissan/usa/releases/first-glimpse-of-the-new-nissan-juke


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Nissan Juke drifts into the New Year!

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Nissan uses the Juke Ride analysis with wingsuit flyers to evaluate and train Nismo Drivers!

Nissan uses the Juke Ride analysis with wingsuit flyers to evaluate and train NISMO Drivers! 


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New Nissan Stormtrooper spot, shot in collaboration with Disney and Lucas Films!

New Nissan Stormtrooper spot, shot in collaboration with Disney and Lucas Films!
Nissan has launched a TV spot 'City of Stormtroopers', created by TBWA/Hakuhodo Tokyo and produced by Outsider. The commercial celebrates the customers' ability to colour personalize their new Nissan Juke. In collaboration with Disney and Lucas Film the film was shot in Asturias, Spain. It centers on a member of the Star Wars Stormtrooper Guard deciding to break free from white tradition. This version of the spot is the directors cut, which has not appeared on TV.

CREDIT: http://www.bestadsontv.com/ad/56697/Nissan-Juke-City-of-Stormtroopers

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Riding the frog-faced Godzilla lightning

the Nissan Juke-R
Riding the frog-faced Godzilla lightning.  
Question: When is a Nissan GT-R not a Nissan GT-R? Answer: When it's a fat-fendered piece of lunacy with the face of a Nissan Juke. In other words, when it's a Nissan Juke-R.
There are currently two Juke-Rs in existence: one is left-hand drive, the other right-hand drive. Both are powered by a modified version of the 3.8-liter, twin-turbo V-6 found in the 2011 Nissan GT-R. Both were commissioned by Nissan Europe and built by British motorsports house RML Group. Nissan's Japanese brass reportedly didn't know the cars were being assembled until the first construction videos found their way to the internet. Some 2.3 million YouTube views and a scant 22 weeks later, the world was gifted a 485-hp, two-ton, 5.2-foot-tall monster. Forum fanboys pissed themselves.
Allow us to blow your mind: Nissan claims the Juke-R will bolt to 62 mph in 3.7 seconds.
Allow us to blow your mind again: We have reason to believe that figure is pessimistic.
It takes no small amount of wrench pimpery to stuff a GT-R's powertrain into a crossover the size of a bento box. The rear seats are gone, replaced by an FIA-compliant roll cage. Gone, too, are the Juke's original floor, firewall (a new one lives 3.9 inches to the rear), and headliner. The V-6 supports both air conditioning and power steering; and save for a shortened driveshaft, much of what's here are showroom-ready Godzilla bits. The wheelbase, the length, and the height are shared with the ordinary Juke, but composite fender flares cover 20-inch wheels, stiffer springs and dampers, and the GT-R's wider track. The whole mess looks Animal Planet deadly, like a 'roided-up gibbon or psychotic puffer fish. (Fugu-R?) It is glorious.
We flew to Dubai to drive this beast. After five Nissan-policed, stability-controlled laps around the 2.7-mile Dubai Autodrome, the silly-metaphor well ran dry. Nitrous-powered bar stool? Sure. Chrysler Building with a Saturn 5 suppository? Why not? Loony doesn't even begin to describe it.
The chassis is neat, much like the Manhattan Project was neat. Who knew science could make such violence? There's grinding understeer under throttle in slow corners, neutral drifts in fast ones, impossible grip, body roll out the wazoo. Go deep into the surprisingly soft brake pedal, the back end hops around. High-speed turn-in is abrupt enough to make your coccyx itch. Crosswinds, sneezes, and butterfly wing flaps in China make the Juke's tall body twitch and bob. Still, it's fast, predictable, and remarkably approachable. Nissan claims the top speed is a drag-limited 160 mph, which is 31 mph lower than that of the GT-R, a vehicle that is not shaped like mobile teratoma.
Nissan says the Juke-R's suspension is set up for street use, but we weren't allowed off the track, so that's anyone's guess. It also says, amazingly, that a production R is under consideration-rumor has it several sheiks tried to buy the cars brought to the Middle East, but sheiks will buy anything. No matter. Much like Dubai, the Juke-R is a tangible fantasy, a fancy confection whipped up from thin air and dreams. It exists because it's awesome, and that's good enough for us.
CREDIT: http://www.caranddriver.com/reviews/nissan-juke-r-first-drive-review
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