Mossy Stories: Saving You Money

Mossy Stories: Saving You Money


Michele Watson just bought a beautiful SUV from Mossy and brought it home excited to show her new husband. They had been working to trim their budget and were excited that Mossy had gotten them from a 16.9% rate down to a 12.9% rate.

Later that week - much to their delight - Mossy called back to tell them they had to come back and re-sign some papers - they had been working with the bank for them (after the sale!) and had managed to get them down to a 3.9% rate! Saving them about $10,000!

Mossy Nissan. Striving to help you pay LESS. - Everyday.

Want to learn how Mossy Nissan can help you save money? -- Let us know and we will work to get you a killer deal!

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