How to End Backseat Battles

How to End Backseat Battles!

There's nothing more frustrating than trying to get from place to place in your busy day with your children bickering in the backseat. Here are some tips to create a smooth ride for everyone!

  1. Separate:  If you can keep siblings a bit separated there is a good chance less aggravation will take place. If you don't have the space to keep them apart, draw an imaginary line in space and explain you expect everyone to respect it.
  2. Distract: Give each child something to do in the car, keeping safety in mind, choosing a toy or a book to look at can reduce the stressful interactions.
  3. Play: With a toy car and some figurines, act out all the wrong things to do and all the right things to do on a car ride.
  4. Listen: On longer trips, children enjoy listening to audio books!
  5. Involve: Invite the children to be a part of the solution.. ask "how can we make this ride OK for everyone?"

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