Nissan Heritage – Over 80 years of changing lives.

On December 26, 2013, Nissan Motor Corporation celebrated its 80th  anniversary. Creating the kinds of cars that move people's hearts is  what Nissan is all about. In our pursuit of this ideal, we have always  challenged the limits of what is possible by  rejecting conventional assumptions and turning conventional wisdom on  its head. The last eight decades have seen us take on an endless series  of challenges. Looking back over those years, one can see that the  challenges we have taken on centering on four main areas: sustainability, accessibility, diversity and passion.

We continue to refuse to be beholden to conventional wisdom. We are  driven by the goal of moving people, moving their hearts, and changing  history. We will never rest in our efforts.
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Nissan Heritage - Over 80 years of changing lives. - Mossy Nissan

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