Rainy Weather

10 Top Tips To Keep Your Car Tip Top During Rainy Season!

We are lucky here in San Diego, we don’t get much bad weather. But this time of year, we hope to see some rain! So Mossy Nissan wants you to be prepared! Here’s our top 10 list of ways to stay prepared in the rain!

1. Clean headlights, windows, and windshields
This is an important tip for obvious reasons; you need to have a clear view and others need to be able to see you! Make sure your headlights and blinkers stay bright and clean your windows and windshields for maximum visibility.

2. Keep tires rolling safe
Tires need treads to be able to stop safely on wet roads. If you let them get too shallow you may hydroplane! Also, be sure to check your tire pressure; too high might make you slip and too low is bad for your tires. Any Mossy Nissan Service department can help you with all your tire needs!

3. Replace old windshield wipers
Dry, cracked or brittle wiper blades can inhibit visibility in heavy rainfall. Be sure you are prepared and change them as soon as they start to wear.

4. Check your battery life
Older batteries don’t do well in the rain and can leave you stranded. Be sure to check the life of your battery so that you're always be prepared. For help with this, visit any Mossy Nissan Service department.

5. Check your brakes
It’s important that your brakes have enough grip to stop during rainy weather. If you let them go too far you are in danger of not stopping in time! Keep you and your loved ones safe by having regular service inspections and replacing old pads; you can schedule an appointment at any of the 7 Mossy Nissan Service locations for this.

6. Wash and wax your vehicle properly
Keeping your car clean and waxed will help it not accumulate as much dirt so quickly in the rain!

7. Always keep an emergency car kit
It's better to always be safe and carry an emergency car kit; just in case you find yourself unable to pass a flooded road, or your car breaks down in low visibility. As the Boy Scouts say, “Always be prepared!”

8. Use air-conditioning to clear window fog
Use your car’s air conditioning to prevent your windows and windshield from fogging up and causing low visibility. Depending on the temperature you may need to turn the temp up or down to clear. Get to know your system ahead of time so that you can be prepared.

9. Be cautious
Always maintain a safe speed for the wet weather to avoid hydroplaning or losing control. Don’t hit your brakes suddenly either – as this could cause you to skid out of control. Another good rule of thumb is to double the driving distance between you and the car ahead; you may need the extra room if they stop suddenly in the rain.

10. Take the high ground
Try driving in the middle lane or the highest lane, as the water usually pools toward the sides and can cause you to lose control.

If you must leave the house, we want you to be safe! We are still open for service if you need assistance, click here for our hours! We are vigorously following all health and safety recommendations to keep you safe, should you need to come in. Click here to schedule an appointment with one of our friendly service advisors.


Rainy Weather - Mossy Nissan

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