The Car Workout from our friends at Beauty Bean!

Belly Busting. While driving, pretend you are trying to zip closed a tight pair of skinny jeans. Pull your belly button in towards your spine as you try to pull your lower belly away from the waistband of your pants. Hold here, engaging your abs, or, for a more intense workout, breathe out 20 times quickly. As you breathe out, contract your lower abs even harder to pulse your abs in and out.

Spine Stretching. While in traffic, hold onto the steering wheel with your hands at 10 and 2 (to bring you back to the good ol’ days of driver’s ed) and round your back. By pulling on the steering wheel and rounding your back, you’re stretching the area in between the shoulder blades and mid-back. Take a breath here and then release.

Tension Tackling. While stuck at a red light, tilt your right ear down towards your right shoulder. Relax your shoulders and breathe into the left side of your neck, stretching the left side of your neck. Hold for 10 seconds. At the next light, repeat on the other side.

CREDIT: http://thebeautybean.com/fitness-2/the-car-workout-3-exercises-perfect-for-road-trips-long-commutes


The Car Workout from our friends at Beauty Bean! - Mossy Nissan

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