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Safe Driving Tips

Safe Driving Tips for New Drivers!

#1. DRIVE NOW,  TEXT LATER! Texting is now the  #1 cause of accidents and fatalities on the road - more than alcohol. Please keep your phone off when driving! The ticket will cost you a minimum of $159!

#2: PRACTICE! Find an empty parking lot and imagine a situation that you would have to react quickly in either swerving to one side or the other.

#3: DON'T OVERREACT! If you ever find yourself drifting out of your lane don't jerk the wheel. That could cause you to oversteer into another car ...or into oncoming traffic.

Many young drivers feel uneasy about slamming down on their brakes...but sometimes it is the only way to avoid an accident. Modern Anti Lock Brakes make a pulsing sensation you can feel thru the brake pedal, don't be afraid of it - that's means they're working!

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